Volunteer to Help With the Great Walk 2018

Thank you for volunteering your help with the Tahsis Lions Club Great Walk.
Please fill in the form below and I will forward your offer to the respective department. You will be contacted soon after we receive your volunteer offer. If you require further information or have specific questions please send us an email.

Email: greatwalk@greatwalk.com

How do you wish to be addressed?

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Where would you like to help the Great Walk 2018?
- First Aid
- Road Monitor
- Check Point
- Luggage
- Food
- Setup/Cleanup
- Finish Line/Computers
- Check-In Desk (Gold River)
- Luggage Desk (Gold River)
- Information Desk (Gold River)
- Where Help is Required
- Other - please explain

THANK YOU for helping with the Tahsis Lions Club Great Walk 2018!

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