1999 Walkers Comments

I just finished the 1999 Great Walk. I wanted to let all of Tahsis know what a great job you did organizing this amazing event. I actually had fun doing the Great Walk!! Thanks to all of those who were involved. Your community spirit is wonderful.
Mary Wood
Black Creek

Dear Betty
To you and all the other volunteers who made my first Great Walk such a wonderful experience. Thank you so very much .Congratulations on a job so well done. I am glad to say that I completed the walk with just a few blisters and I will see you again next year.
Best Regards
Pat Roberts 631

Hi Grant
we had a blast @ the great walk, we are already checking out a place to stay in gold river next year. i cannot say how well run this event is, it was awesome and i was on a high for a few days. please pass on to all the volunteers that we thought you were great.
lori Morgan

To the Great Walk organizers:
Several of my co-workers and I participated in the Great Walk on Sat. Two of us who had collected pledges for Y.A.N.A. (#478 - Janet Maund and #600 - Linda Poole) forgot to inform you of the amount and hope it is not too late to add it to your total. Between us we received pledges for approximately $460.00. Five of us work together at a school in the Comox Valley and for four of us it was our first time to experience 'The Great Walk'. What a wonderful time we all had - the organization and support given to all the participants was tremendous. Congratulations on a job well done - a fine example of teamwork and community spirit.
Bill Poole

To all the members of the Tahsis Lions' Club and the Volunteers:

Thank you very much for organizing the walk and for all your continued efforts to doing such a wonderful job. It is an added bonus to see the people from the year before again and to be able to make new friends year after year.

I must commend you on your preparedness and your ability to deal with any circumstance. I know that you were not expecting so many registrants at the end but your ability to run back and forth and still manage to feed everyone is to be appreciated by those of us who were at the end.

Although this is the second time I did not finish, I will be back again next year to try again. It is a personal challenge of mine and I cannot think of a better way to have spent my 28th birthday and look forward to spending yet another doing the walk.

Thanks again. And thank you, Betty, for a job well done.
Karyn A. Duey

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a "great" walk. Your organization is to be congratulated for the excellent job done in staging on this event. In spite of the weather all of the volunteers were cheerful, enthusiastic and very helpful. Thanks again for sponsoring such a wonderful event.
Gerry Giles

Thanks for sending all the wonderful responses you are receiving from the Great Walk. Mom and I want to thank you and everyone involved in the success of this. We especially think the community as a whole deserves a big thank you. It is hard to imagine any other community that is willing to have it's main road closed for 12 hours and to have fire sirens going off everytime another participant arrived. I can't think of any other that would do that. All the people working and helping were super. Please Please Please make sure to thank them for us even if we did not participate in the walk we enjoyed watching all those dedicated walkers who did.
Take Care
Carol Simkin

I was most impressed with the organisation and support for the participants in the Great Walk. It was my first experience with the walk and most likely my last as I am only in Canada for the year on a Teaching Exchange from Australia. I met many great people some that I will always remember and stay in contact with,even after I go back to Adelaide....so thank to the good people of Tahsis and Gold River, it was a wonderful day and you certainly didn't exaggerate about the spectacular beauty of the place. I was one gob-smacked Aussie!!
Thanks Again for an awesome, unforgettable experience.
Lynne Lamshed.
The whole experience was capped off with our first sighting of bears. W e saw two within minutes of eachother, the second standing and being considerate enough to pose for some photos

My wife and and have just completed the great walk and want to express our thanks and appreciation to all the volunteers and organizers of the walk. This is a great event and without the assistance of the volunteers and organizers would not be possible. At each stop along the way the volunteers were friendly, helpful and provided much needed encouragement. At about stop number 11 they even provided hot chocolate which was worth its weight in gold. They deserve a lot of credit and we would be grateful if you could pass along our thanks to them.
Gordon and Jacque Macdonald

Dear Great Walk,
I completed the Great Walk for the first time this Saturday. And wow what an experience! I just want to thank all the volunteers from Tahsis and Goldriver for their unbelievable support and inspiring friendliness. These are remarkable people.
Again thank-you for a great experience
Melissa O'Donnell

An open letter to the people of Tahsis and the Lion 's Club from friends in Campbell River.
We participated in the "Great Walk" on Saturday, June 5 and wanted to say a big thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, and any one else that contributed to making it the super event that it was. From the encouragement received at each rest station, the police and fire engine siren serenade on the home stretch and the "pots and pans" welcome at the finish line, a hearty Bravo to all of you. To the folks that greeted our cold and exhausted bodies with warm blankets, hot soup, runner removers, massages and (much needed) hot showers, although your faces may be a little blurred, please know we are all very grateful. To those responsible for preparing, supplying and having anything to do with the food, it was Yummy...Yummy. Each of us entered the "Great Walk" for our own reasons. Some to say we did, others to better a past experience and some just to try to do the best we could. Our entire group made it to the finish line in the first 100.

Many thanks again to our new friends in Tahsis, and we look forward to seeing you again next year. Thanks also to our driver, Nick Layton.

Jenni Rozich, Tony Peniuk,
Bridget Pomeroy, Penny Hagel,
Brent (Adam) Cartwright
and Colin Buss

Hello Betty
A special thanks to the "Tahsis Lions Club" and all the Voluteers for another "Great Walk". I may come back again!!
Best Regards
Jock #545 14hrs-10min

June 17/99
To all who played a part in making the Great Walk such a unique experience, a huge bouquet of thanks! It took countless hours from so many people to create such well organized, everything thought of successful event. There was such a friendly atmosphere from start to finish that almost makes me think of doing it next year again. MANY MANY THANKS!
Yvonne Slemko

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