Tahsis Lions Great Walk 2007


Kind Words:

Thank you for the comments this is what the Great Walk is all about.

Helping participants to help others Good Luck, see you in June


30th Annual Tahsis Lions Great Walk is set for June 2, 2007





Jody Felker

COMMENT: i have found the walk to be very well organized...the volunteers are amazing!  it is too bad the entry level keeps dropping.  it is a great event.


Bev Lundgren

We've been doing the walk since 2000 - hope it continues for many years to come!!


Lory Barth
COMMENT: My friend and I look forward to taking part in this walk.  Thanks for keeping it going, so we will be able to add it to our list of things we have done.

Krista Pepper

COMMENT: Looking forward to it.  I've been wanting to participate for years and now is the time!! Thank you for organizing this great event!!

Rose Mitsushio
COMMENT: I participated in the Great Walk in 2005 and look forward to doing it again in 2007.  Really enjoyed the experience and found it to be very well organized.


John Parry

COMMENT: A great experience!  I look forward to participating again.


Shelia Mulvey

COMMENT: We have done it before and love it!


Brad Holmes

COMMENT: This is my 5th time running the 63.5km I look forward to the great event  much thanks for all your hard work.

- training hard Brad!!!!!

Kat Skuse
COMMENT: Looking forward to doing it again!  Your volunteers are fanatastic and really do make the walk bearable...THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS and all of you who put it all together!


Maria Lyne
COMMENT: So glad you folks are back!  I will be registering at least 2 others with me.
Thanks for putting this event on again.


Justin Saunders

COMMENT: This will be my first time participating and I am really looking forward to it. I wanted to participate last year, but it was cancelled before I could register. I've known about the great walk for 4 years and am finally making my aspiration to complete it a reality. Thanks!


Joyce Cherry

COMMENT: This will be the 6th time I have done the walk.  So glad it is back on as I really missed it last year.  Thanks for all the hard work.


Eric Willaimson

COMMENT: I have competed and completed in the Great Walk a couple of times in the past and althought I have not been able to do so over the past few years. When I first completed my first Great Walk I made a pledge to myself that I would like to be back the year I turn 60 and that is 2007.


Peggy Ann Sherwood
COMMENT: Looking forward to another Great Walk!


Dawn Beattie

WHERE: I've done it 3 times before. I am happy to see it back for 2007. Sorry to hear that some tragedy occured this past year.

Kristina Wellard
COMMENT: Hopefully it will be back this year, you guys are great!


Katharine Wellard
COMMENT: I did the Great Walk for the first time in 2005 and was impressed with all of your hard efforts. 

Kirsty Compton

COMMENT: Glad to see your back!!!


Randy Jones
COMMENT: I have done the Great Walk 5 times and I am so glad it is back on ... I think it is the best event on the Island ... I have always suggested you recognise the runners that participate ... you will attract more people ... I just did the Great Lake Walk this week-end gone by ... they have added "ultramarathon" to the name and attracted more runners including a few higher end guys ... a new course record was set ... as a distance runner myself I can tell you we are looking for more long events like the classic "Great Walk". Good luck with 2007, I can't wait ... defenately my all time favorite event.


Bill Felker

COMMENT: I would like to request a nice sunny day like the two I remember. Thanks in advance.  Bill


Vince Trahan

WHERE: other, Walked the 2002, 03.04,05 and had a blast

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